PROPHYFLEX 3 powder blast tip | KaVo (Germany)

  • PROPHYFLEX 3 powder blast tip | KaVo (Germany)
  • PROPHYFLEX 3 powder blast tip | KaVo (Germany)
  • PROPHYFLEX 3 powder blast tip | KaVo (Germany)
  • PROPHYFLEX 3 powder blast tip | KaVo (Germany)
  • PROPHYFLEX 3 powder blast tip | KaVo (Germany)
  • Brand: KaVo
  • Мodel: 00218
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 750€

Description PROPHYflex 3 - 2018 - Powder Blast Tip | KaVo (Germany)

The PROPHYflex 3 requires the MULTIflex quick release coupling

PROPHYflex provides fast cleaning and perfect results for you and your assistant. In addition, operating your PROPHYflex handpiece also saves time: reloading powder or granules, and cleaning the device, are done as quickly as possible - in no time.

This way, you can save valuable time with every prevention session - every day!

PROPHYflex 3 powder blast handpiece, used in dental practice for:

quick cleaning of teeth from plaque, stains and soft dental deposits;

preventive cleaning to prevent the development of gingivitis, periodontitis and caries;

polishing the surface after removing tartar;

cleansing fissures, braces and implants;

preparation of enamel before restoration work in order to increase adhesion;

cleaning teeth to match the natural shade of future bridges, crowns and inlays;

preparation of enamel before installing veneers and other composite-ceramic structures in order to more secure fixation and extend the service life.

Benefits of using PROPHYflex

Reliability. The device is manufactured by the KaVo Dental GmbH brand - a recognized leader in the production of medical dental equipment.

Efficiency. The handpiece cannula provides an optimal powder jet for professional cleaning. The handle has a rotation radius of 360 degrees, which makes it possible to carry out high-quality cleaning of teeth in the most inaccessible places of the oral cavity, including painters.

Hygiene. The characteristics of the device correspond to the European hygiene standards developed by the Robert-Koch-Institut, RKI, Germany. The device is designed for frequent sterilization and disinfection at high temperatures without loss of functionality and consumer properties. The removable container is closed with a sealed lid.

Safety. The adjustable powder jet does not injure the gums and mucous membranes of the mouth. The procedure does not cause discomfort even for patients with high sensitivity of the teeth.

Versatility. The handpiece can be used by both general dentists and specialized doctors.

Easy to use. Easy loading of the mixture, dosed filling, economical consumption. Operation with a foot pedal leaves your hands free for manipulation and operational interaction with the assistant.



The powder container is sized for professional teeth cleaning. Compressed air is supplied to the handpiece via the KaVo MULTIflex connection. When the foot control is depressed, compressed air flows into the powder container. It mixes evenly with the powder and reaches the cannula outlet. At the same time, water - supplied separately from air and powder - also reaches the outlet. Thus, a kind of water shell is created around the air-powder mixture. Two check valves prevent the mixture from flowing back into the MULTIflex connection.

The wide range of indications and ease of use will soon make your PROPHYflex one of the most commonly used handpieces in your practice. Just add PROPHYflex powder or PROPHYpearls granules and start your professional teeth cleaning. Enjoy excellent treatment results for many indications, every day.


In the case of stains and plaque, with:

Teeth discoloration from tea and coffee

Tobacco stains

Biofilm formation

Your result with PROPHYflex: effective prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis and caries


During the fissure sealing procedure, for:

Fissure cleaning before sealing

Your result with PROPHYflex: a significant reduction in the risk of caries for your patients


In orthodontics, for

Cleaning braces

Surface preparation before fixing

Removing adhesive residues

Your result with PROPHYflex: better treatment results, more satisfied patients


In conservative dentistry, for

Improving adhesion of composite restorative material, ceramic inlays and veneers

Your result with PROPHYflex: extending the life of your composite / ceramic restorations


In prosthetics, for:

Cleaning surfaces of healthy teeth, better adaptation to the shades of bridges, crowns, inlays and onlays

Your result with PROPHYflex: simple and perfect shade adaptation


In aesthetic dentistry, for:

Teeth cleaning before whitening - to accurately determine the color / shade of natural teeth

Prepare tooth tissue and ensure optimal whitening performance

Your result with PROPHYflex: optimizing whitening results

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