• Osteon
  • Brand: Dentium
  • Мodel: MS0040
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Osteon - osteoconductive biphasic calcium phosphate filled with 30% HA + 70 β-TCP. Characteristics of bone replacement material: -Osteoconductive alloplastic material; -Has high resorbability due to the increased content of β-tricalcium phosphate -Easy to fit into the defect area; -Has high wettability; -Pore sizes: 250 microns; -Porosity 70% Scope: -Augmentation of the ridge; -Filling defects after trepanation, osteotomy; -Filling cavities; -Sinus lifting; -Filling periodontal defects. Volume of material in a bottle - 1.0 cm3 Grain size 0.5-1.0 mm

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