EXPERTmatic E25L (KAVO) | KaVo (Germany)

  • EXPERTmatic E25L (KAVO) | KaVo (Germany)
  • Brand: KaVo
  • Мodel: 1.007.5550
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 700€

KaVo EXPERTmatic E25L

Reduction 1: 5.

For orthopedic work at higher speeds.

The microfilter of the spray system and the EXPERTgrip body cover make handpiece maintenance easy.

Quick cleaning and comfortable grip thanks to the new KaVo EXPERTgrip body coating and a smooth neck with no joining seams or grooves.

The original KaVo ceramic ball bearings guarantee a much longer handpiece life and provide remarkably quiet, vibration-free operation.

The collet clamping power of 32 N reduces the risk of twisting and further falling out of a stopped bur.

Always the optimum tip temperature. The 3-point spray ensures optimal cooling of the tool.

Steel turbine heads and motor handpieces have an additional safety margin.

The rigid light guide retains the quality of halogen or LED lighting even after many years of use and sterilization.

Sterilize KaVo instruments in autoclaves up to 135 ° C.

Item No. 1.007.5550 (E25L) with backlight

Article No. 1.007.5551 (E25C) without illumination

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