SMARmatic S20 S | KaVo (Germany)

  • SMARmatic S20 S | KaVo (Germany)
  • SMARmatic S20 S | KaVo (Germany)
  • SMARmatic S20 S | KaVo (Germany)
  • Brand: KaVo
  • Мodel: 1.011.6752
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 240€

Contra-angle handpiece for restoration work, a unique combination of reasonable price, ease of use and unsurpassed German quality of KaVo technology.


restoration of teeth.


made of durable stainless steel with increased wear resistance;

has an excellent balance, which guarantees high precision of dental procedures;

features a reduced head for a good view of the working field;

lightweight design reduces the load on the doctor's hand during work;

no backlight and no cooling spray;

compatible with angled burs with a diameter of 2.35 mm;

suitable for installations with pneumatic or electric motors, external or internal spray;

equipped with a reliable collet chuck with a ceramic insert for a firm fixation of the bur; replacement is carried out by pressing a button;

cleaning in a thermodisinfector, manual and machine washing using disinfectants, sterilization in an autoclave at a temperature of 135 degrees is allowed.


direct drive 1: 1;

rotation speed 40,000 rpm;

external cooling system;

12 months warranty.

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