MASTERmatic M20 L | KaVo (Germany)

  • MASTERmatic M20 L | KaVo (Germany)
  • Brand: KaVo
  • Мodel: 1.009.3620
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 430€

KaVo MASTERmatic straight and contra-angle handpieces - ideal access and viewing angle from KaVo. The successor to the legendary GENTLEpower LUX series.

Assemble the tip according to your needs. Contra-angle shanks have all common gear ratios. Combine them with the required INTRA head. Make your own best decision.



Gear ratio 1: 1

Glass fiber light guide with illumination up to 25,000 lx

For excavating caries and preventive maintenance

Now with replaceable spray filter

Maximum treatment flexibility and flexibility with 14 interchangeable heads

Compatible with all INTRA LUX heads


Advantages of MASTERmatic straight and contra-angle handpieces

Better accessibility and excellent viewing angle:

Smaller head size

Optimal combination of angles

Light positioning

Maximum accuracy:

Triple-Gear technology

Hard metal guide bits

Ergonomic design

Unique reliability:

Durability KaVo

Made in Germany

Extensive long-term testing

Replaceable heads


True value inside:

Very small head sizes for perfect visibility even in difficult cases

High-tech friction chuck for maximum strength and reliability in molar preparation

Spray with 3 nozzles and ultra fine spray for optimal cooling

KaVo push-button chuck with a holding force of up to 30 N for a secure and maximum retention of the drill and for easy handling

Glass fiber light guide provides up to 25,000 lx illumination to maintain preparation boundaries

Genuine KaVo ceramic ball bearings for longer life and superior vibration-free performance

Low noise, low vibration during treatment (55 dB (A))

KaVo patented 100 ° / 19 ° head / knee combination for maximum visibility and unhindered freedom of movement

Triple-Gear technology for amazingly quiet operation without unnecessary vibration

Thermal disinfection and sterilization up to 135 ° C

KaVo Plasmatec coating for perfect adhesion and excellent hygiene

Can be connected to all KaVo INTRAmatic LUX motors and motors with an ISO 3964 / DIN 13940 connector

Replaceable spray microfilter for efficient and uninterrupted spray cooling

Small head size, combination of angles, hard metal drill guides, Triple-Gear technology and replaceable spray filter make it the best high speed contra-angle handpiece available on the market.

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