ADAPTER MULTIflex 465 LRN | KaVo (Germany)

  • ADAPTER MULTIflex 465 LRN | KaVo (Germany)
  • Brand: KaVo
  • Мodel: 0.553.1550
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 300€

MULTIflex 465 LRN - illuminated quick release adapter with spray control | KaVo (Germany)
Quick change of working tools and high economic efficiency while expanding the range of equipment you use. The ergonomic design of the MULTIflex adapter allows for free 360 ​​° handpiece rotation.


The MULTIflex adapter is used with the following devices:
All KaVo turbines with MULTIflex connection.
The KaVo SONICflex product line for minimally invasive dental procedures.
KaVo PROPHYflex 3 for professional dental cleaning.
KaVo CORONAflex for easy removal of crowns and bridges.
All KaVo INTRAflex LUX motor handpieces.
KaVo DIALux diagnostic probe.
KaVo air motor 181M and therefore all KaVo INTRAmatic shanks and handpieces.
KaVo MULTI-FINEair: micro dehumidifier for the smallest cavities and channels.

Crossover structure
Lamp safety net
Integrated KaVo high pressure lamp (easy to replace)
Drive air
Return air
Water spray
Air spray
Spray adjustment ring for precise dosing of the amount of water supplied
Non-return valve against suction of liquids
Water spray
Electrical contact pins
Air spray
Drive air
Return air
All parts are isolated from each other


Standard 4-channel connection.
New lamp holder.
Spray adjusting ring with many fixed positions.
Check valve (water).

Quick release adapter

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