EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea

  •  EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea
  •  EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea
  •  EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea
  •  EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea
  •  EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea
  •  EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea
  •  EzSensor - digital radiovisiograph | VATECH South Korea
  • Brand: Vatech
  • Мodel: S-20293
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 1,935€

High-quality equipment is the key to the success of a dental clinic. The success of a doctor depends on the quality of medical equipment. The "Stomdevice" store has everything for conducting a medical appointment.

One of the important accessories in dental and dental practice is the dental visiograph.

Everything for dentistry and the dental laboratory in one place

EzSensor is an innovative digital intraoral sensor from VATECH. EzSensor is excellent image quality for fast and accurate diagnostics.

5th generation sensor. Resolution - up to 25 line pairs / mm.


The rounded shape, smooth edges and the absence of sharp corners improve diagnostic accuracy and provide maximum patient comfort.

A rugged aluminum inner shell and a special design to absorb external vibrations make the EzSensor extremely user-friendly, reliable and durable

The specially designed sensor-to-cable connection greatly improves the clarity and stability of the digital image, while providing unrivaled freedom of movement and accuracy even when the sensor is frequently or quickly repositioned

The superior image quality and accuracy that the EzSensor can provide makes it an indispensable aid when planning endodontic treatment or implant surgery

EzSensor improves the efficiency of the clinic, since it does not require a specially equipped room for developing images and allows to reduce the time of diagnostic examination by several times

Hybrid CMOS APS Technology

Uses CMOS APS technology to deliver consistently high resolution and clear images

Intuitive interface guarantees comfort and ease of use

Unrivaled image quality

CMOS APS (Active Pixel Sensor) technology delivers crisp, clear, high-resolution images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The quality of images with a digital radiovisiograph is several times higher than with a film. We can see the location and depth of carious lesions of the tooth, inflammatory processes and consider them in EzDent-i.

Strength and durability

Unique design and state-of-the-art technology ensure the highest durability of the sensor

The shell is made of durable aluminum, and the inside of the sensor is designed to absorb external vibrations and reduce shock absorption. In addition, a reinforced flexible connection where the sensor is attached to the cable protects the cable from excessive bending and significantly increases its service life.


EzSensor is designed as a thin plate with rounded corners in order to provide maximum patient comfort during the entire diagnostic examination. Smooth edges and anatomical shape of the sensor greatly facilitate the doctor's work and increase the diagnostic accuracy.

Ease of use

High efficiency combined with reliability and unrivaled ease of use. Operational display of the image on the monitor screen in real time. EzSensor is compatible with any computer in the clinic.



Sensor: Low Noise CMOS APS

Dimensions (W x D x T):

EzSensor 1.0 25.4 x 36.8 x 4.95 mm

EzSensor 1.5 29.2 x 39.5 x 4.95 mm

EzSensor 2.0 31.3 x 42.9 x 4.95 mm

Signal to noise ratio:> 37 dB

Theoretical resolution: 14.2 lp / mm

Dynamic range: 12 bit

Total cable length: 6 m (sensor cable + control unit cable)

Pixel dimensions: 0.035mm

Active surface

EzSensor 1.0 20 x 30 mm

EzSensor 1.5 24 x 33 mm

EzSensor 2.0 26 x 36 mm

Probe thickness: approximately 4.95 mm (0.19 ″)

Sensor dimensions

 EzSensor delivers incredible high resolution and high contrast images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning


Sensor Size 1.0 Size 1.5 Size 2.0

Active surface 20x30 mm 24x33 mm 26x36 mm

Indications Narrow dentition

(children) Normal dentition

(men, women) Wide dentition


Size 1.0 Size 1.5 Size 2.0

26.1 (1.03 ″) x 36.8 (1.45 ″) 29.2 (1.14 ″) x 38.7 (1.52 ″) 31.5 (1.24 ″) x 42.8 (1.69 ″)

Ergonomic design: slim and rounded outer corners

The EzSensor has a slim sensor with rounded corners for easy positioning for patient comfort.



The unique design ensures the durability of the device. The outside of the sensor is made of durable aluminum, while the inside is designed to absorb external shock. In addition, a reinforced, flexible cable retention protects the sensor from excessive bending.

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