Primus 1058 S / TM / C - dental treatment unit with top / bottom feeding of instruments / mobile unit

  • Primus 1058 S / TM / C - dental treatment unit with top / bottom feeding of instruments / mobile unit
  • Primus 1058 S / TM / C - dental treatment unit with top / bottom feeding of instruments / mobile unit
  • Primus 1058 S / TM / C - dental treatment unit with top / bottom feeding of instruments / mobile unit
  • Brand: KaVo
  • Мodel: 1.010.5000
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 16,200€

БMore individuality in your clinic.

How to combine design highlights with functionality, hygiene and comfort for doctor and patient: the new KaVo Primus® 1058 for even more efficient work.



Ease of use: the workplace adjusts to the doctor, not the doctor to the workplace.

Availability of versions for both right-handed people. and for left-handed people.

Convenience in work, familiar mode.

Space-saving: the unit will also fit in a small room.

Optimal for the treatment of children.

Possibility of daily use of multimedia options.

Excellent ergonomics.



Physician element:

Central control of the unit and patient chair. Options for both right-handed and left-handed.

Height-adjustable tool holder with large swivel angle, can accommodate up to 5 tools, brake with locking device.

Hose for 3-function syringe and 1 air hose with 4-point spray connection to MULTIflex 465 RN, 465 LRN adapter. Mounts for 1 tray.

Can be retrofitted with tools up to 2-4 air hoses respectively for the INTRA LUX KL 701 or KL 702 motor or for the INTRAmatic LUX K 200 (brushless motor), PIEZOlux or COMFORTbase.

Automatic switching on / off the lamp in positions 1 and 2.

Tool table, removable for washing.

Smooth, easy-to-clean tool hoses, easy and quick to install.

Automatic recognition of the removed tool and the previously saved number of revolutions.

Coated control on the instrument table for the spittoon and chair: spray button, motor direction control button, instrument illumination control button, cup fill button, spittoon bowl rinse button, screen button for viewing X-ray images, 4 patient chair control buttons : automatic positions / manual control, rinsing position.

Exhaust air filter.

Right and left table handles (1058 S), fixed, for dentist.

Multifunctional pedal, pneumatic, with the function of on / off instruments, stepless adjustment of the number of revolutions and intensity, the function of switching on / off the spray, the function of switching on the blowing by the pedal without rotating the bur, switching on the reverse of the K / KL motor, control of the patient chair with the instruments placed and removed (selection via the buttons on the pedal bracket).

Emergency stop button in the foot pedal bracket.

Assistant unit:

Height-adjustable Comfort assistant unit: swivel, with slots for 3-function syringe, LED polymerization lamp, 1 saliva ejector, 1 vacuum cleaner incl. automatic recognition of the removed instrument and a specially coated control element, identical to those on the instrument table, for operating instruments, cuspidor, and patient chair functions.

Emergency stop button on the body.

Electric control of the cup filling and bowl rinsing function.

Swivel porcelain cuspidor - removable and thermodisinfectable.

Compact filter housings with a connector for vacuum cleaners, easily removable vacuum cleaner filter.

A set of hoses - a vacuum cleaner, saliva ejector and a set of cannulas.

Central power source located in the enclosure, allowing the connection of equipment for external and internal cleaning.

KaVo water components and disinfection system - see accessories

Compressed air filter with automatic condensate separation.

Central power supply protected from power surges.

Possibility of changing the voltage within 100/110/120/220/240 V - 50 Hz / 60 Hz.


Patient chair:

Chair height adjustment - from a minimum height of 395 mm to a maximum of 780 mm.

Backrest and seat angle adjustment from 1 ° to 70 °.

The seat is manually moved to the treatment position - for example, when treating children, no “pulling clothes” effect.

4 programmable automatic positions, last position and rinsing position.

Emergency stop button in backrest and seat.

The upholstery material is soft and flexible, the upholstery is removable, the colors are in accordance with the KaVo palette.

Backrest "Progress", with a reduced width of the shoulder area for the convenience of the doctor.

2-joint headrest, extendable, mechanically adjustable, ergonomic, comfortable adjustment lever.

Right and left armrests, raised when getting in and out of the chair.



Luminaire KAVO LUX 540 LED

Infinitely adjustable light power from 8.000 to 30.000 LUX.

Homogeneous light, similar to daylight.

Minimal glare.

Glass reflector, 180 ° rotatable.

Clear light field.

Two removable, heat-disinfected handles with clip.

Halogen bulbs 24 V / 150 W, easy to replace.

Sealed plafond.

Height adjustable bracket (33 cm).

Power supply via installation 1080/1058/1065 or via ceiling adapter

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