KaVo ESTETICA® E70 Vision

  • KaVo ESTETICA® E70 Vision
  • Brand: KaVo
  • Мodel: 1.010.7050
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 28,600€

Superior ergonomics in a sophisticated shape.

S - upper feed of the tool; T - lower tool feed; C - with movable floor dentist element.


DOCTOR'S UNIT for 6 instruments

3-function water-air gun with heating

Turbine hose with optics + 465 LED quick coupling

4 Free seats

Tool table / tray

LCD touch-screen control panel

Set of standard trays

Large and small anti-slip mats


For top delivery: Long hoses of the dentist element (90cm) with the possibility of fixing in intermediate positions


CHAIR lift type:

Soft seat

Mechanical headrest with push-button fixation

Upholstery Progress

Height adjustment 390-780 mm

Special settings for treating children

Programmable positions

VACUstop function - emergency vacuum stop

Wide, modern armchair

12 upholstery shades



Integrated DVGW disinfection system and intensive disinfection of water mains and suction hoses (AQUAmat, HYDROclean)

Boiler for heating water for tools and for rinsing

Removable porcelain cuspidor bowl

Wet suction connection set

Autonomous water supply system

MEDIAgetaway system for upgrading the installation software




Shadowless LED Light

lighting intensity 8,000 - 40,000 Lux

Standard and COMPOsave operating mode



Full-function pedal to control all instruments of the dentist's unit, chair position, hygiene system and multimedia.

Advantage: the pedal does not need to be pressed continuously. fixes its position


ASSISTANT UNIT for 5 instruments, adjustable in height and horizontally

Touch keyboard

Saliva ejector

Vacuum cleaner

Integrated USB port

MEMOdent control panel

Can be retrofitted with 3 more tools

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